Mar 4, 2009

Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond.....Lavender and Grass in Nautical Wall Basket.... $29.99 each

I just love it !

Hommin in Sweden

Candy Light

Necklace & clothes

畢業於台灣科技大學的台灣設計師陳宏明Hung-Ming Chen,在BenQ工作兩年後到了北歐瑞典創建了設計工作室....Hommin,並創造了許多創意概念前衛又兼具了實用性與美觀的家飾商品。以上圖片下載自Hommin的媒體專用資料下載區,謝謝Hommin的大方分享!Hommin的部份商品由“nordic北歐櫥窗“代理進口。

Hommin is a design studio in Sweden, funded by talented Taiwanese Designer Hung-Ming Chen .
I have to say that I am proud of him because he took courage to go to Sweden
after 2 years of working in BenQ and fund his design studio“Hommin“ all alone in Sweden.
Of course..... He makes me proud!

via Designers' Block UK