Aug 21, 2009

Clare Goddard

Clare Goddard

Oh....... I love her ! I love her pieces ! I love her studio !
You could go pia jane bijkerk to find out more.....

Her current exhibitions at.....
Flow Gallery 1-5 Needham Road, London W11 2RP
until September 3rd

UK/OK Traditions in Contemporary Design, Power Tower Arts Center, Oklahoma
until January 3rd

New work will be shown in New York August 12th-26th
Please contact Clare for an appointment

Klimt02 ︳Community

Babette Boucher
photo from Klimt02 ︳Community 20Aug2009 Newsletter

There are always many surprises waiting for me at Klimt02 ︳Community

Claudia Silveira Oliveira

Claudia Silveira Oliveira.......Amazing accessories concept!