Apr 5, 2008

Paul!Sweet Paul

這是我今天發的第三篇文,不要說我為了部落格荒廢工作,Oh !no no no !這絕對是我的工作之一....收藏美美的照片進我的資料庫、發掘才華洋溢的全世界各地的創意人、與同好交流、分享給台灣的朋友....等等;幫助我構築 現在與未來的生活樣式,豐富我的創意生命!
若是你遇見這樣一個人,你也會欲罷不能的!他是Sweet Paul,是從挪威Oslo遷移到New York的美食創造者,也是一個室內設計師,藉由和一群專業攝影師的合作將他的創意作品一一用影像記錄,分享再分享!分享給所有不見得懂得名牌,卻是真正懂得生活的人們!有了Sweet Paul世界變得可愛囉!
Thank you Paul for letting me use these wonderful pictures!I appreciate!


Cally said...

Wow these shots are so beautiful! Like the snow falling outside my window right now.

I found your blog via All Things Bright and Beautiful (ATBAB)and I have posted on my own blog the Vogue papercuts you showed and the leather work of Ginta Siceva. Also Wu Geng Zhen from the links you emailed to ATBAB.

I found a new link for Wu and have posted it on my blog post as his db-db.com link which you might be interested in looking at (and unlike me perhaps you can read it).

Thanks so much for sharing the work of these and other artists. I hope to get the time to explore more of you links in future, we share many similar likes in art and design so I know you will have some things I have not seen before. I'm very excited to discover new work.

Celine TsuiLin hwang said...

Hi Cally
So nice to get your words !You are always welcome to my blog and we may share the beautiful stuffs to each other in the future.
It's summer time here in TAIWAN! I see rarely the snow here, Hope I can one day!