May 27, 2009

award from abundance

I'm so glad that mady just gave me a award ......
abundance剛給了我ㄧ個"award""獎勵",這獎當然是對我的部落格是一種無限大的鼓勵,相當相當感激abundance的Mady!! 同時我能回饋給他的當然就是在這裡介紹她辛苦經營的部落格,除了有她網羅的精采攝影作品之外,還有她優美的文字抒寫....也是我很欣賞的另一個部份.
在方塊圖案下方的幾個連結,是Mady給獎的幾個部落格, 也都是我常常瀏覽的部落格, 可看性都非常的高, 你若是喜歡我的部落格,一定也會喜歡上下面這幾個連結. 趕快去看看吧!
i received an award
my first 2 in 1 week from sarah @ another rather lovely thing
and from anna @ vintageveggie

i do
thank you so much lovelies- i feel rather special...
1. accept the award, post it on your blog
together with the name of the person
who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.2. pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered.
remember to contact the bloggers to let them know
they have been chosen for this award. simplyolive - a natural threadamberbyday - wake up ,o sleeper
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