Jun 15, 2009

Garden of delight at Papa Bubble

Garden of delight by MARIEKE VAN DER BRUGGEN
Jewels and Joules

I am so happy to see this happy artwork made from sugar by MARIEKE VAN DER BRUGGEN,and MARIEKE has told me that "Garden of delight" is going to be showed at Papa Bubble candy shop at Tokyo,and......the other happy thing is Papa Bubble Candy Shop is going to OPEN at 22 June at Taipei , I'm so excited that maybe I could see this amazing candy installation at Taipei one day !!!!

乍看之下......原已為是件玻璃構成的裝置作品,可是,仔細讀了作者的介紹才發現原來她用的是可食用的.......“糖“!作者是荷蘭人,這件作品是2008年她的畢業之作---Garden of delight歡欣樂園。
MARIEKE告訴我,她目前正在東京忙碌籌備她的“Garden of delight“裝置作品將展出在Papa Bubble Tokyo這間位於日本東京的糖果店,棒的是.....Papa Bubble很快地將於6月22日在台北是東區開設分店了台北市大安區仁愛路4段151巷12號 TEL: (02)8773-0955),我還上了相關的部落格Take Easy看了一下.......

PS..Papa Bubble Taiwan的官方網站就在....這裡

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