Jul 23, 2010

about me....who creat "wooow"

I drink coffee. That's why I am so fond of designing cups and making them. Cups are on the threshold of my journey of creation. They create a close link among me, others, objects, and life, making my life full of experience and golden memories. In the future, I shall carry on this process of creation nonstop and freely. My creation will not be limited to cups or utensils only, but any objects which may bring beautiful memories or have the power to soothe the soul.

My object values texture. It governs the life of lines, the moving of colors, and the variation of forms: novel, bizarre, eccentric, odd, and rare. Texture brings objects to life, serving as a medium for humans to exchange feelings and to pass on the energy. It conveys the emotions and the personality of the creator. Moreover, texture is also the most essential element to shape the nature of objects.

I shall allow my life experience to live in my creation. When I'm playing with yarn and cloth, when I'm making fun of the conflicts between fashion and tradition, when I'm fiddling with flowers, plants, and bugs, when I'm enjoying pleasant serenity, when I'm building a playground of day dream, when I'm doing whatever I want, and when I'm climbing the rope up to infinity, my life experience shall be expanded and continued.

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